My healthy life challenge in Marbella. 45 days training and eating healthy food in Marbella.


If you follow me on social networks, especially Instagram, you will know that last October I decided to challenge myself with an absolutely healthy lifestyle until mid-December in Marbella, i would show you about how was my life/healthy challenge going on my social media and the final results on the blog.

Well, now that I have finished my healthy life challenge in Marbella, I can tell you my experience.

The challenge began on November 1 and still until December 15, for forty-five days I was going to train in a disciplined way and eat extremely healthy, taking care of myself inside and outside.

What worried the most was the physical exercise, I had´t been training continuously since i could´t even remember and I am lazy for those subjects, so fifteen days before starting my new healthy life I started to train, the first week, twice a week and then three times a week. I needed a personal trainer to guide me in this process and without a doubt I chose Matías, @Mat_shape on Instagram and Facebook to train me, I met him some years ago and I have already trained with him on several occasions, i know very well that the way his classes are, his knowledge and his professionalism will be key to success. I could not have chosen better. We trained in the Adrenaline facilities, a quiet place, with few people, i didn´t need more stress for my return to the world of sports.

Mat adapted the training to my rhythm from the very first moment. We started with easy routines that would not discourage me, but being constant. First weeks i was thinking, what do I do here? As if I did not have a thousand more important things to do than being there jumping or playing with elastic bands as a kid.

But the rewards began to arrive quite soon. It is true that training speeds you up a little and left you with more energy for the rest of the day, I would even say that with a little better humor, i felt more agile and less lazy, there were some days that I felt especially motivated and I did not take the elevator, I preferred to walk up the stairs, me? What was happening to me? those small details encourage you to want to train again. If anybody had told me that three months before, I would have laughed with non stop.


I had forty-five days to make a change in my sedentary life so I decided to add one more type of exercise at least at the beginning. A couple of years ago I tried to train with electrostimulation, EMS, thanks to Look Your Best, a center for individual EMS training in Puerto Banús, in front of El Corte Inglés in Marbella and it worked very well for me at that time, without having previous training routines, I could notice the results quickly, in five sessions the toning in my body was already visible and although i had some stiffness the results were very satisfactory. I knew that this time it would help me to get in shape, accelerating the process and I knew that it would strengthen my functional training and my healthy life.

It is a training with a vest that incorporates electrodes that emit electrical impulses, that contract and multiply the effort of the muscles, you feel like small cramps  that make you “workout” more in less time, you can regulate the intensity of the electrical impulses, do not worry! you set the limit, the sessions are 20 minutes, you , your vest and your trainer, that´s it.  If you do not have a lot of time or you are not a fan of exercise, like i used to be, try it.

Look Your Best – Tel: +34 672 363 760

Calle Ramón Areces, Puerto Banús

Marbella, Spain

EMS training Marbella
Electroestimulacion EMS Puerto Banus Marbella

I had known Cryonis Spa and the cryotherapy some time ago, I had been already inside the Cryonis cold cabin but that was a report for TV presenting the center, at that time I was worried about the cameras and the script and I really couldn´t appreciate the benefits of cold in the body. This time I wanted to try it. In  Instagram I have explained several times the benefits but I have not listed all, there are so many …

It is anti-inflammatory, it is analgesic, improves blood circulation, activates the creation of collagen functioning as anti-aging, activates endorphins improving mood and depressive processes,  and it is true!  my good mood after each session was amazing, there are people who go every day before work to increase their energy and concentration!

Cryonis is the only cryotherapy center in Andalusia. It is in Playas del Duque, in Puerto Banús and it is a highly recommended center. They have a body cabin and also a localized cold machine that is normally used for facial treatment but it can be used to direct the cold to an specific point of the body, ideal for those who do not dare to get into the body cabin.

I’ve been going three times a week, being inside the cabin at 145 Celsius degrees below zero, I was wondering … why should i do this? Although it is very cold inside, i felt my legs freezing, but it’s only three minutes, it’s dry cold and the after feeling is incredible, a rush of energy and good mood, which for me was the most remarkable at first.

Being a natural anti-inflammatory, the cold contracts, we all understand that, I had the opportunity to meet people who go there daily or who do intensive weekly treatments for the pain of an hernia, for arthritis, psoriasis, for marks of acne, to recover after intense sports activity, not in vain Cristiano Ronaldo has the same machine at home! , I am positive that inside my body some inflammatory processes have calmed down thanks to the cold of cryotherapy. I have not had stiffness in the whole challenge, despite the daily training. I have problems in a shoulder and i have less pain the day i have a Cryo session.

What I have also noticed is the improvement of the texture of the skin in my body, now It is much softer. And more firmness in the face, I had a little fear, if I lost weight and lost volume, that I would “pop” the skin on my face but not, cryotherapy has helped me with that too.

Cryonis Spa

Av Playas del Duque, Casa Sevilla, Local 3
29660 Puerto Banús / Marbella

+34 952 634521

Cryotherapy in Marbella
Crioterapia en Cryonis Spa Marbella


Another very important factor in my challenge has been my nutrition.

Natascha Nielsen, an “Holistic Health Coach & Trainer” has been helping me in this area, she believes in healing the body from the inside out,  when you have a healthy inner, the outer will follow. That idea caught me because I think so too.

She is Danish, with over 10 years of experience, and she helps people in Marbella and also in her home country.

Before the first consultation with her, I filled out a long questionnaire in which about my life habits, diet, health problems, … super complete. In the first visit she tested me with the Bioprint method, which revealed that many of the digestive problems that I had had for years, (I was stressed out, i ate very bad and i did not go to the bathroom in days, i felt bloated – sorry to give so many details but i am sure that many of you have the same problems ), were correlated to many of my actual health problems, symptoms of tiredness, lack of concentration, … Apparently I had very high levels of toxicity in my body that had to be reduced.

The first step was to heal my digestive tract and for that, some foods that prevented it from working correctly had to be eliminated from my diet.

Natascha gave me a nutritional plan for the next weeks, with important changes from the one i ´ve been having my whole life. Whilst eliminating some foods, I exponentially increased the amount of vegetables, decreased animal protein and increased vegetable protein, and began taking supplements: magnesium and probiotics. In addition to those that I already was taking.

New routines in my life, like not drinking coffee as soon as I wake up (On an empty stomach), really?

I changed my coffee for a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon and bicarbonate.  I had to have breakfast, in the first hour after getting up, to help stabilize my blood sugar , and then I could have my coffee.  And drink three liters of water a day.

New routines for a new life, I thought every morning. And yes, it was. In the first week my digestions improved and my constipation disappeared and my bloating was reduced, sorry for being so scatological but I think it is necessary , and the best part is that I felt better, less tired, with a little more energy. Just a few days before changing my diet, I had a dermatitis due to an allergic reaction that subsided and did not reappear.

After six weeks I went back to Natascha´s and the second BioPrint scan revealed that the toxicity of my body had decreased considerably and the hormones were also balanced, in the previous one they were a little unbalanced. New changes on my diet after the second BioPrint, in order to reduce toxicity and improve my digestion even more, I continued with many of the habits from the first plan, we increased vegetables and vegetable protein and a new habit: animal  protein should only be taken at night, since its much easier to digest it at this time.

They are a lot of changes that I have been gradually incorporating into my diet and my life, I tell you that I feel better, yes, they are not easy at first I have to be honest and let me tell you that now, after more than two months , I do not think (so much) of toast with olive oil & my coffee with steamed cow milk for breakfast, it makes up for me to find myself much better and … I plan to continue with this healthy diet beyond the challenge that I proposed to myself before Christmas.

Natascha Nielsen Nutritionist holistic health coach
Natascha Nielsen





Natascha Nielsen

Holistic Health Coach



Healthy restaurants in Marbella

I must confess that when I saw the first diet I found myself completely lost, what can I eat? Suddenly you change all the schemes, what you’ve been eating your whole life, forget it, do not anymore. I recognize that going to restaurants that knew what it means not to eat “everything”, helped me a lot.

Before the challenge I went there to eat there because they were cool places, without paying attention to the menu, but from the first day I started asking for help because I had a special diet with forbidden food, I read and reread the menu but they quickly gave me a lot of options … Thanks god!

Visiting Rachel´s Eco Love is a pleasure, it is a cute and super nice place, there is a restaurant in Puente Romano in one of the garden pools, and another inside the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés, perfect for a snack or a tea break while shopping or to eat something healthy between meetings in Puerto Banus and training as it happened to me during the challenge. They offer a lot of juices that I love and all kinds of delicious things that you can eat no matter if you have special diets or not. Before my healthy life challenge I did not know what chia was and now I even prepare it at home. I have fall in love (quite a lot) to their breakfast Marina Puente Romano, to their energy balls and the thousand juices that I can take according to my mood, the last one I tried to increase my energy before going for a walk along the promenade to Marbella was made from orange, lemon and spirulina, delicious !!

BIO organico marbella Rachels Eco love organic restaurant
Rachels Eco love organic restaurants in Marbella

Another place that I already knew, but now it has been especially useful to discover that you can end up feeling full eating vegan, not at all hungry, it is Organic Market Food, I already knew it but I had not appreciated as much as now their menu explaining what each dish is made of. Their vegan lasagna is very nice , be prepared to leave with the feeling of “I’ve eaten a cow” and you will be surprised by their vegan pizza.

A restaurant that before never looked attractive for me, yes, very healthy, vegetarian restaurant, healthy food, it is Gioia, “Plant Based Restaurant”, in front of Guadalpin High School in Marbella. The philosophy of the owner, he is hyper mega conscious with vegan food and commitment to plant-based food, vegetarian, vegan, with many raw dishes, which are tasty and good and I do not know if it is an illusion, but they make you feel good.

Great rediscovery has been “Origen”, a Mexican organic restaurant in San Pedro Alcántara, very close to the pedestrian street, in a perpendicular street, some Mexican guys opened a long time ago an organic restaurant that offers all kinds of food, besides the Mexican dishes of course , many gluten-free dishes, vegans, vegetarians, and they take great care of the origin of the food.

Super recommended, they are great experts in what they offer, very friendly, they explain the ingredients of the dishes and  besides, the price is a good value.

Many of the restaurants I already mentioned in this post from a long time ago, but now I have appreciated much better their philosophy and the concept of healthy, vegetarian, organic, bio, ecological, eco food or whatever you want to call it.

It has been an incredible experience, very positive, that has made me appreciate many things, demystify some mantras of healthy life and healthy food, I have discovered a new life which is good for myself, it works for me, so I think that my life from now on is going to be a little bit different.

I will probably add more details in the future. Stop by here from time to time to not miss any information of healthy life, healthy restaurants, new training centers, organic lifestyle,… in Marbella !

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And you, do you have a healthy life style?